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"A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself"
~ Maryam Hasnaa

Hi, my name is Vanessa, aka "V" and I am a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer and my mission in life to help people let go of what is no longer serving them so they can learn to love themselves. 

The journey of self-love is not an easy one but it will be the most fulfilling work you will ever do because it will allow you to show up each day as your true self.

Through working with Reiki energy and a combo of Tarot and Oracle cards, I become a conduit for your teams (ancestors, angels, source + so much more) energy to flow through me so that I may receive information specifically for you. These downloads will help you to gain clarity on what you need to let go of, how to feel confident in your next steps moving forward, how to trust that the light lies within you already, and most importantly - how to truly know what it feels to love yourself unconditionally.

Sending you all so much love 


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Client Testimonials

Home: Testimonials

My sessions with Vanessa have been nothing short of amazing. In our first session together, she gave me a tarot and oracle card reading. She is such a beautiful open channel and so clearly articulated the current themes of my life and gave suggestions on how to live more in alignment and let go of what is no longer serving me. She was spot on about everything and helped me to confirm the things I know but can’t always put a finger on! She is such a bright light and has such a loving and nurturing way of presenting all of her information. I loved it so much I got a reiki session from her a few weeks later. Again, it was such a beautiful and loving experience, and helped me to reconnect back to myself and my spirit team. Thank you Vanessa for all that you do - you are such a gift!

Tessa - California, USA

Wow, what can I say Vanessa! Thank you, thank you! That was amazing! 

You are a magical being I have never met anyone like you. Your energy is powerful, so strong, gentle and so loving. 

I felt very safe and held in our distance Reiki session. You helped me unleash my personal power and eliminate blockages. You helped me heal and soothe my inner child, it was so powerful.

The two readings that you did for me days prior to the reiki session were absolutely incredible. All that you saw and channeled helped me so much, gave me so much clarity. 

The physical sensations I was having were profound, it was way beyond what I expected! I loved that there were so many messages that resonated with me. 

I will definitely keep you posted on what happens and how I am getting on but for now, I am feeling completely blissed and so excited to continue along this path that you help me illuminate for me. I'm so thankful!

Cleo - California, USA

"Working with Vanessa was such a treat! As a Reiki Master myself, I am very sensitive to other people’s energies and am quite particular with who I allow into my energy. I trusted that Vanessa was the right choice for me because of the way she works. She combines nourishing healing with supportive guidance, providing alignment, peace, and helpful messages to support my journey forward. Thank you, Vanessa!!!"

Frances - California, USA

"Let’s face it, with all that life throws at us, we could use a team of support. Vanessa is an impeccable channel through which my higher power/ the universe can speak and communicate what they want for me and where I need to go. She has a true gift, being able to connect no matter where I’m at in the world, no matter what madness is going on in my life – her voice is soothing and immediately fosters a safe space for me to be open and receive… and if nothing else, to stand still for that moment in time. I am beyond grateful that V has become part of “my team” guiding me on this spiritual and emotional healing journey"

Deanna - New York City, USA

"I received a reading from Vanessa (and with a busy schedule, i opted for the distance reading where she sends you a channeled voice memo and picture of your card spread). I was blown away. Not only was the reading spot on, the delivery and warmth i felt with each and every message was so thorough and sent with so much love. I cannot wait to get another and will be recommending her to all I know. Thank You again. I am so grateful"

Melanie - San Diego, USA

"I had just given birth to my first child and was in a state of pure overwhelm when I learned about Healing with V. It couldn’t have come at a more crucial time in my life. The report that was provided to me captured everything I had been feeling and experiencing in such a beautiful way. The results and summary made me feel truly seen and understood, while also providing me with hope and a light for the future. I was seriously impressed by how well this stage of my life was captured and explained to me. I definitely plan to have more readings done and highly recommend this to anyone needing clarity and reassurance in their lives"

Stephanie - California, USA

"As the old saying goes:‘The teacher appears when the pupil is ready’.

I always thought I was doing exactly what I wanted to do, the most important thing for me was learning as much I could and to travel all around the world as much as I could because I was always afraid that a whole life is not enough to do and see what is in your ‘bucket list’.

In this personal journey I forgot one thing …. ME, my emotions and how I was really feeling.

One day while I was running to cross off as many things as I could on my ‘bucket list’ I fell down.Now I can say that one of the reasons why I fell was surely because I did not pay attention in what I was feeling and I never gave credit to myself, even I was trying to show everyone my best part I actually never appreciated it in me . When I fell luckily, I had many beautiful people around me available to help, and an important person that cross my journey and lend a hand towards me was “V”.

She helped me to open my eyes in many aspects: to love myself, to discover my spirituality, and to see life from another point of view. She appeared in my life for a reason and because I was ready to listen and open myself for a change.

Thank you so much Vanessa for being there and for all your support in this beautiful new journey.

Cris - Sicily, Italy

“I am honestly so overwhelmed with how amazing my reading from V was. The insight and reassurance of what she read for me was exactly what I needed to hear from the universe to continue on my new path. Do not hesitate in trying out a reading.  I promise you at the very least you will feel a sense of joy after.”

Andrea - New York City, USA

"I have had the pleasure to have a card reading from V. I felt I was lead into an inner journey where a source of wisdom was talking directly to my soul. The instructions were very accurate regarding my present moment. I highly recommend her because she speaks from the heart as it's in tune with the frequencies of the universe"

Guilherme - Mallorca, Spain

"I have spent years on my journey to self love and self worth, and I continue to fight everyday. I have always been a bit apprehensive about tarot card readings but decided to try it because I have seen firsthand what she has done for someone very dear to me. Healings by V has proved every pre conceived notion I ever had wrong. Every struggle I have faced was mentioned in the meaning of the cards that were pulled. I was absolutely awe struck at how true the messages were and it has forced me to face these issues head on. I am now on the road to a happier life where I put my self first. Thank you V for an amazing reading. I will forever be grateful"

Jodi - California, USA

"I've been feeling a little uncertain as to how I'd like to pursue my career and overall more disconnected spiritually than usual so I asked V to pull my cards under a full moon in Scorpio which happens to be my zodiac sign. What was revealed through this reading was spot on and provided me a sense of direction which is exactly what I was seeking. The way that V presents the information was clear and thoughtful and I could feel the genuine light and love pouring through. Her guidance and translation of the cards was spot on and exactly what I needed to confirm this uncertain feeling. I feel a sense of clarity and movement in how I'm observing and approaching the way I'm moving forward because the cards and V helped me realize the things that need to be adjusted so I feel the most aligned. I will forever seek guidance from V as her connection to the universe is true, I highly recommend connecting with her if you're seeking light and a message full of love and understanding"

Jillene - California, USA

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